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Resume Format

Rewrite these sentences using appropriate words to replace went

1. The train (went) ------------------- through the station.

2. The snake (went) ____across the grass.

3. The fox (went) ___ into the chicken coop.

4. The worm (went) _____ along the ground.

5. The horse (went) ____ the field.

6. The duck (went) _____ across the road.

7. The pony (went) ____ around the racetrack.

8. The monkey (went)______ from branch to branch

9. The rabbit (went) ____ to its burrow.


1 Thundered through.

2. Slithered across

3. Sneaked into

4. Wriggled

5. Cantered across

6. Waddled

7. Trotted

8. Swung

9. Scurried