AI ELE Syllabus

Course description:

The course aims to introduce learners to AI. With AI as an ever evolving field, learners are introduced to its application in the teaching and learning processes. The learners are made aware of its dynamic nature. The learners are also equipped to use the various apps and tools in the teaching and learning processes.


 Course Objectives:

●  Introduce the concept of AI in the learning of English language. PSO 9)

●  Familiarise the learners with the tools of AI. (PSO 9)

●  Enable the learners to apply the AI tools in their language learning and teaching processes. (PSO 8)

●  Facilitate the learner to acquire the knowledge for using AI for employability (PSO 3)

●  Equip the learner to use Al tools for creative writing (PSO5)

●  Make the learners aware of the dynamics and ethics of  using AI for academic purposes. (PSO8)

Course Outcomes:

 Learners showcase their ability to effectively use AI tools in language learning and teaching through practical projects.

Learners are able to present a language lesson incorporating AI tools, demonstrating practical application.

Actively engage in discussions and reflections on the ethical considerations of using AI in academic settings.

Be able to create a piece of creative writing with the assistance of AI tools, showcasing the integration of AI in creative processes.