A Sound of Thunder

"A Sound of Thunder" is a science fiction short story by Ray Bradbury. It is set in the year 2055, when time travel has become a commercial enterprise. The story follows a man named Eckels, who joins a hunting party that travels back in time to hunt a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Before the hunt, the hunters are given strict instructions not to disturb anything in the past that could change the course of history. They are also required to stay on a designated path to prevent any accidental changes. Despite the warnings, Eckels panics when he sees the T-Rex and steps off the path, crushing a butterfly in the process.

When the hunters return to the present, they find that the world has been changed in subtle but significant ways. The language and spelling have been altered, and a different man has been elected as president. Eckels is horrified by what he has done and begs to go back and fix his mistake, but the safari guide refuses, knowing that the consequences could be even worse.

In the end, Eckels is killed by the guide, who takes him back in time to fix the damage he caused. The story ends with the sound of a distant thunder, hinting at the possibility of further changes to come.

Overall, "A Sound of Thunder" is a cautionary tale about the dangers of time travel and the potential consequences of even the smallest actions. It highlights the fragility of history and the importance of respecting the natural order of the universe.