Question Papers

Communication Skills in English

QP 1

First Semester BA Functional English Degree Examination

Model Question Paper

Core Course: Communication Skills in English (FEN1B01)

Time: 2.5 hours Marks: 80

I. Read the following questions and do as directed. All questions can be answered. Each question carries two marks. (Ceiling - 25 marks)

1. Write two major differences between written and oral communication.

2. What is the role of feedback in the communication process?

3. “What is your mother?” Rahul asked his classmate on the first day in the college.

Identify the channel and specify the message in this communication.

4. You ordered a cup of milk tea but the waiter brought black tea by mistake. How will you

make a polite request for replacement?

5. Shifa wanted her friend Reshma to return home from their college together in the same

bus. Make a suggestion starting with Shall .

6. Your mother said “Next Sunday is your turn for cleaning the house”. Speak about this

obligation to your friend. Start with I...........

7. At the shopping mall, you felt like telling your brother to choose a different colour.

Frame your suggestion using how about.

8. Write a sample sentence which can be used to conclude a welcome speech.

9. Write a sample sentence which can be used in the beginning of an inaugural address.

10. You were asked to do a presentation on the comparative merits and demerits of smart

phones and laptops. Write a sentence using any suitable word/expression used for


11. In a group discussion on Drug Abuse, you wanted to disagree with your friend’s view.

Write a sentence which expresses your polite disagreement.

12. You are moderating a debate on Gender Equality . Frame a polite question to ask one of

the debaters to express his/her views on the topic

13. You are a journalist attending a press conference on The Launch of a New Bridge. Using

appropriate expression for interruption, put a question to the Minister.

14. Your close friend asked you the question “ What you think about my English?” How will

you rephrase the question correctly?

15. In a debate on Campus Politics, you felt like interrupting one of the debater’s views on

banning politics at campuses. Write a sentence which expresses a polite way of


II. Read the following questions and do as directed. All questions can be answered . Each question carries five marks. (Ceiling - 35 marks)

16. Explain the transactional model of communication.

17. What does the term communication competence imply?

18. Riya comes to a college to submit a copy of her application for degree admission and

meets Roshni, a senior student, in front of the main gate. Prepare a dialogue between

them using expression for polite request, asking for direction and making suggestions.

19. Prepare a reasonably long conversation between a doctor and a nurse about a patient. Use

expressions used for instructions, suggestions and polite questions.

20. You friend is working as a photographer and asked you to come to his studio for a

meeting. Prepare a dialogue in which you ask about the location and he gives you

directions to reach the place.

21. Write the theme paragraph of a presidential address on the topic Blood Donation.

22. Draft a short skit on the topic Mobile Misuse.

23. Prepare script for a cookery show of your choice.

III. Read the following questions and answer any TWO of the following in not more than 250 words. (2x10=20 marks)

24. Prepare a press conference being held in the wake of a landslide in which the Chief

Minster briefed the situation and answered questions from the media persons.

25. Elucidate different types of communication and their relative pros and cons.

26. You are the secretary of the college Film Club. Prepare a well organised welcome speech

to be delivered on the day of its inauguration.

27. Prepare an imaginary Group Discussion on Measures to Curb Ragging in Colleges.

Include three participants and a moderator in your draft. Use suitable expressions related

to (dis)agreement, addition and interruption.

QP 2


First Semester BA Functional English Degree Examination, November 2021

BFE1B01 - Communication Skills in English (2019 Admission onwards)

Time: 2.5 hours Max. Marks: 80

Section A Answer the following in two or three sentences each: Each question carries two marks

1. Pitch and intonation in communication

2. Interpersonal communication

3. The process of communication

4. Proxemics

5. News reading

6. Mass communication

7. Audio-visual communication

8. Haptics

9. Mention two ways of seeking opinions in a formal context.

10. Bread and Butter............good for our health. (Suitable verb)

11. I will be back in ...............hour (Use an appropriate article)

12. Name some popular new media.

13. Write four slogans promoting an eco-friendly campus.

14. Listening barriers

15. ...........(Who/whom) are you talking to? (Ceiling 25 marks)

Section B Answer the following questions in a paragraph of 100 words each. Each question carries five marks

16. Communication competence.

17. Paralinguistic features.

18. Different kinds of group discussions.

19. Features of effective communication.

20. Verbal communication.

21. Prepare the script for a cookery demonstration.

22. A conversation between a teacher and a student about an assignment and its


23. A welcome speech for the inaugural function of the college literary club (Ceiling 35 marks)

Section C: Answer any two of the following in about 200 words each:

24. Features of a good presentation.

25. Different models of Communication.

26. Prepare a short skit on Alcoholism.

27. The National Sports Day in India is celebrated on August 29 every year. This day marks the birthday of Dhyan Chand, the hockey player who won gold medals in

Olympics for India in the years 1928,1932 and 1936. Prepare a presidential address to be delivered on the National Sports Day in your college.

(2x10= 20 marks)