Module 1- Poem

1.Small Towns and the River -- Mamang Dai

2.Dream: Midnight -- Sridala Swami

3.What you do? -- Omprakash Valmiki

4. Munda & Kondh songs

5. (Other) Wordly Folk Tale - Geet Cathurvedi

Module 2--Short story and Fiction

1.Scorn - Bama

2.Two in the next world - Rajendra Yadav

3. The Bride’s Pyjamas- Akhtar Mohi- Ud-Din

4. The Night Train at Deoli - Ruskin Bond

Module3- Prose narratives

1. The Future of the Past - (Editorial)

2. On University Education (Speech excerpt) – Bhupesh Gupta

3.World as One Economic and Cultural Unit - Meghnad Saha

Module4 --Theatre and films

1.Beyond the Land of Hattamala (play) - Badal Sirkar

2.The Burning – ( short film )- V.S Sanoj

3.That Day After Every Day –( short film)- Anurag Kashyap

4. An Excerpt from Abhijnanasakuntalam


Module 1: Poems 20 hrs

Module 2: Short stories 20 hrs

Module 3: Prose narratives 20 hrs

Module 4: Plays and Films 18 hrs

Evaluation 12 hrs

Total 90 hrs