BBA Hons

Developing Fluency & Clarity in English

2022 Admission



is designed to improve a number of skills, which is inclusive of speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. It uses an integrative approach when writing, oral and speaking components are used together to enhance the students‘ ability to communicate and write effectively in English. (To enhance the student‘s English.)

To enable students to develop:

  • Fluency in the English language

  • Higher order grammatical skills

  • Basic critical reading skills

  • Precision and clarity in writing

  • Basics of writing different kinds of essays

Learning Outcome

At the completion of this course, the students would be able to:

  • Display a comprehensive understanding of the English language in classroom debates and discussions.

  • Devise business presentations, product pitches, business emails etc.

  • Locate the intricacies of successful communication.

  • Construct complex arguments in various writing assignments.


Introduction: Speech sounds, Essays for Student Evaluation.


Parts of Speech, Adjectives, Comparisons, and Modifiers, Count/Non- count

Nouns & Articles, Gerunds and Infinitives


Present Time, Past Time, Future Time, Phrases & Clauses, Simple, Complex, and

Compound of Sentences, Writing clear and concise sentences


Brainstorming, Connecting Ideas, Writing Thesis Statement, Writing Topic

Sentences, Writing an Outline, Writing Paragraphs


Types of Essays: Descriptive, Argumentative, Narrative, Writing an Essay


Reading Comprehension


Formal Letter


Speaking - Group Discussion

Text Books and Reference Books:

1. A Student’s Grammar of the English Language by Sidney Greenbaum and Randolph Quirk (Pearson, 2008) 2. English Grammar in Use: Intermediate workbook by Raymond Murphy (Cambridge UP, 2009) Essential Reading / Recommended Reading 1. How to write effective business English : excel at e-mail, social media and all your professional communications. Fiona Talbot. Second edition. - xiii,150p. - Better Business English 2. Mastering Public Speaking: How to Prepare and deliver a successful speech or presentation. Anne Nicholls - Hong kong: Grolier International Inc, 1997. – 166 p.; - Grolier Business Library.

Practice Workbook

Premanand M E & Prasanth V G et al. Nuts and Bolts of English.

Dept. of English, 2017. ISBN 978-81-920171-3-6